Partner Spotlight: Dr. Martha Parrott

Jaime WaltonFront Page, Partners

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, individuals like Dr. Martha Parrott shine as beacons of innovation, creativity, and dedication to the betterment of students and educators alike. As a Professor of Mathematics at Northeastern State University in Broken Arrow, Dr. Parrott has excelled in academia and has been a transformative force in math education. Her remarkable journey and educational contributions have made her a trusted partner of TRSA, particularly in developing the Me & My Math Mentor Program and Exponential Growth Math Professional Development.

Dr. Martha Parrott’s educational journey began as a classroom teacher, giving her invaluable insights into the challenges students and educators face. Today, she channels her expertise to serve pre-service and in-service teachers through undergraduate and graduate programs. Her commitment to advancing math education has earned her numerous accolades, including the prestigious DaVinci Fellow award, which recognizes her creative and innovative approach to teaching and learning.

One of the most notable collaborations between Dr. Parrott and TRSA is the Me & My Math Mentor Program. This game-based, third-grade math intervention program nurtures students’ confidence and skills. Dr. Parrott’s expertise was pivotal in shaping this program, ensuring it leveraged the best pedagogical practices. Moreover, she provided essential training to mentors involved in the program, emphasizing the importance of a growth mindset and strategies for helping students build resilience. Her contributions have enriched the program and left a lasting impact on the students and mentors involved.

For more than five years, Dr. Parrott has been a key collaborator in developing our Exponential Growth Math Professional Development. Under her guidance, this program has expanded yearly, now serving over 65 educators with 16 hours of learning each year. Initially designed for upper elementary educators, this professional development now supports K-8th grade teachers and instructional leaders. Dr. Parrott’s guidance and expertise have been instrumental in ensuring the success and sustainability of this initiative, making it a vital resource for educators looking to enhance their teaching skills and impact on students.

Beyond her contributions to TRSA, Dr. Parrott serves as the university coordinator of the Oklahoma Elementary Math Specialist program. In addition to her role in academia, Dr. Parrott directs the NSU Mathematics Clinic, an outreach initiative providing individualized assessment and instruction to K-12 students from the community.

Dr. Martha Parrott’s influence extends well beyond the confines of her university. She is a nationally recognized figure in the field of mathematics education, often presenting at conferences, publishing, and conducting research. Her groundbreaking work continues to reshape the educational landscape, inspiring educators and students alike.

We look forward to continued collaboration and the positive influence Dr. Parrott will undoubtedly continue to bring to education.