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  • Levi Patrick

    Executive Director

  • Dr. Emily Mortimer

    VP of STEM Ecosystems

    Melissa Cobb

    Senior Program Manager
    Professional Development
    Curriculum & Resources

    Rachel Christy

    Program Manager
    Competitions & Mentoring

    Abigail Vensel

    Project Manager
    Me & My Math Mentor


  • Katie Burk

    Director of Development

    Lynn Staggs

    Chief of Staff

    Christie Little


    Jaime Walton

    Community Engagement Manager

    Jensen Bloom

    Communications Coordinator



Levi Patrick

Levi is a 7th-generation Oklahoman with experience as a teacher, instructional coach, and curriculum writer. After teaching in Putnam City and Oklahoma City schools, Levi worked at the K20 Center for Education and Community Renewal as a Mathematics Specialist. Most recently, he worked at the Oklahoma State Department of Education for more than eight years as the Director of Computer Science and Secondary Mathematics and Assistant Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction. He began his role as the Executive Director of the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance in 2021. Levi holds his Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics Education from Oklahoma State University and his Master’s Degree in Instructional and Academic Leadership from the University of Oklahoma.

During his career, Levi has made authentic, ambitious instruction his goal as he has provided countless hours of professional development, designed state policies, managed federal grants, and helped to direct millions of dollars aimed at elevating excellent STEM teaching. Levi has designed and implemented innovative structures that reimagine accountability as a method for envisioning, supporting, and celebrating schools. As a result, Oklahoma has gained national attention for the Champions of Excellence initiative including two research studies focusing on the role Networked Improvement Communities play in creating collective efficacy and affecting instruction, social-emotional, and achievement outcomes. The widely-regarded framework for evaluating STEM integration, co-developed with Tiffany Neill, has become an essential tool for STEM leaders across the country. While serving on the Association of State Supervisors of Mathematics as the Vice-President of Program, Levi co-authored the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics position paper on STEM Education,  “Building STEM Education on a Sound Mathematical Foundation,” co-developed the Every Student Succeeds Act Toolkit that provided guidance for reviewing and improving state plans for federally funded initiatives, and received the 2019 State Leadership Service Award in Mathematics from the Association of State Supervisors of Mathematics and Texas Instruments. Levi completed a fellowship with Results for America in 2020 and continues to prioritize evidence-based investments in STEM Education that can ensure all students are STEM-ready and lead choice-filled lives.  

When Levi isn’t dreaming about STEM Education, you can find him and his daughter Ruby hiking, picnicking, cooking, gardening, cycling, birding, or watching Frozen for the umpteen-millionth time.