What are STEM Hubs?

STEM Hubs serve as dynamic centers of collaboration and innovation within the MOMENTUM initiative, bringing together diverse stakeholders to enhance STEM education opportunities within local communities. Originating from a bold vision to introduce STEM experiences to every neighborhood, STEM Hubs aim to inspire and equip students for success in our STEM-rich world.

These hubs provide a platform for stakeholders, including educators, community leaders, businesses, and parents, to collaborate on initiatives that promote STEM learning and engagement. By pooling resources, sharing best practices, and fostering strategic partnerships, STEM Hubs create a supportive ecosystem where students can explore, learn, and thrive in STEM disciplines. Through regular convenings, workshops, and outreach activities, STEM Hubs empower communities to address challenges, leverage opportunities, and collectively work towards equitable and inclusive STEM education for all.

About North Tulsa STEM Hub
The North Tulsa STEM Hub is a collaborative effort to improve STEM outcomes for students in North Tulsa. Historically, community organizations in this area have faced challenges accessing funding, information, and resources for meaningful STEM experiences. The North Tulsa STEM Hub aims to address this disparity by providing backbone support and fostering a collaborative, inclusive coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to STEM education in the McLain High School feeder pattern.

About Central Tulsa STEM Hub
Similarly, the Central Tulsa STEM Hub, serving partners within the Central High School feeder pattern of Tulsa Public Schools, focuses on enhancing STEM opportunities for students in Central Tulsa. By leveraging partnerships and resources, this hub aims to empower students and educators to excel in STEM fields and prepare for future success.

Get Involved

Interested in joining our efforts or attending a convening? Explore the North and Central Tulsa STEM Hubs and become part of our growing community dedicated to advancing STEM education in northeast Oklahoma.

Join us for our bi-monthly STEM Hub Convenings, where communities come together to inspire, support, and enact change. These sessions, held at our office on the second floor of the Tandy Family YMCA, are open to anyone engaged or interested in serving the North and Central Tulsa communities. Through these gatherings, we pool resources, discuss best practices, and work towards common goals, including improving parent involvement, student attendance, and programming in area schools.

2024 Meetings:

The convenings begin with an optional free lunch at 12:00 PM. The meeting portion starts at 12:30 and lasts until 2:00 PM. 

    • Jan. 24: North STEM Hub Convening
    • Feb. 21: Central STEM Hub Convening
    • March 13: North STEM Hub Convening
    • June 20: North & Central STEM Hubs Convening
    • August 21: North & Central STEM Hubs Convening
    • October 16: North & Central STEM Hubs Convening

Join us at the TRSA Offices inside the Tandy YMCA, located at 5005 S. Darlington Ave., Tulsa, OK.

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These convening are made possible in part by our Out-of-School Time Program Sponsor: