Exponential Growth Math PD

Exponential Growth Math Professional Development

(Re)discover the fun of teaching math! Training Elementary Math Educators to empower students to experience mathematical freedom while putting down deep roots in a growth mindset approach to mathematics Come … Read More


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Girls’ Adventures in Math (GAIM) is a themed Math Olympiad for upper elementary and middle school girls. The Math Olympiad is a 60-minute, 16-question competition followed by a 20-minute tiebreaker … Read More

Math Kangaroo

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The Math Kangaroo contest takes place every year on the third Thursday in March, in the US and throughout the world. Boys and girls in grades 1 to 12 are … Read More

Tulsa Hurricane Mathfest

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The University of Tulsa Hurricane Mathfest is a math competition for high school students (9th – 12th grades). The competition is sponsored by the Student Mathematical Association of America Chapter at … Read More

Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival

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The University of Tulsa is proud to host our third annual JRMF Festival. The event is FREE! Julia Robinson Math Festivals inspire students to explore the richness and beauty of … Read More

Tulsa Girls’ Math Circle Open House

Tulsa Girls’ Math Circle A math circle is a group of people who work together to explore new mathematics. Sessions are informal, fun, and consist of students and leaders working … Read More

Sonia Kovalevski Day

Sonia Kovalevsky Day is the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance’s all day, all girls, all math event for middle and high school girls! The event is intended to inspire young girls … Read More