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The stem shoppe offers free resources for educators, including large items to borrow, items to keep, and items to repurpose.

Items to borrow

  • Ardusat Arduino kits
  • Balsa blocks (giant “Jenga” blocks)
  • Fluorescent rocks and viewing kit
  • Industrial Engineering Lego Activity kit
  • iPads (1st gen)
  • K’Nex Education: DNA, Replication & Transcription
  • K’Nex Education: Exploring Wind and Water Energy
  • K’Nex Education: Investigating Solar Energy
  • K’Nex Education: Renewable Energy
  • K’Nex Education: Roller Coaster Building Set
  • Lakeshore STEM Building Kits for early childhood
  • Lakeshore STEM Fairy Tales Problem Solving Kit
  • MagSnaps
  • Makey Makey STEM Pack
  • Math Cart (portable cart with math games and activities)
  • Ozobot Classroom Kit
  • Q-BA-MAZE marble roller coaster kit
  • Raspberry Pi 3 with Sense Hat
  • Raspberry Shake Earthquake Monitor
  • Robotics building kit
  • Spheros Robotic Balls (Sphero 2.0, SPRK +, BB-8)
  • Tangram floor puzzle
  • Vernier Go! Motion detector
  • Wind machine


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