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The stem shoppe offers free resources for educators, including large items to borrow, items to keep, and items to repurpose.

The STEM Shoppe Open House

Go green for free classroom STEM supplies!

Join us for the STEM Shoppe Open House! We’re giving away new and gently-used items, first-come, first-serve.

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teachers fill boxes with batteries during STEM Shoppe Open HouseTeachers gather around long table of free classroom supplies during the STEM Shoppe Open House

Items to borrow

  • Ardusat Arduino kits
  • Balsa blocks (giant “Jenga” blocks)
  • Fluorescent rocks and viewing kit
  • Industrial Engineering Lego Activity kit
  • iPads (1st gen)
  • K’Nex Education: DNA, Replication & Transcription
  • K’Nex Education: Exploring Wind and Water Energy
  • K’Nex Education: Investigating Solar Energy
  • K’Nex Education: Renewable Energy
  • K’Nex Education: Roller Coaster Building Set
  • Lakeshore STEM Building Kits for early childhood
  • Lakeshore STEM Fairy Tales Problem Solving Kit
  • MagSnaps
  • Makey Makey STEM Pack
  • Math Cart (portable cart with math games and activities)
  • Ozobot Classroom Kit
  • Q-BA-MAZE marble roller coaster kit
  • Raspberry Pi 3 with Sense Hat
  • Raspberry Shake Earthquake Monitor
  • Robotics building kit
  • Spheros Robotic Balls (Sphero 2.0, SPRK +, BB-8)
  • Tangram floor puzzle
  • Vernier Go! Motion detector
  • Wind machine


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