Digital Badges

Digital badges are revolutionizing how we recognize and showcase achievements and skills gained through learning experiences. At MOMENTUM, we are proud to introduce digital badges as a critical component of our initiative to empower youth and educators in the STEM field.

What are Digital Badges?

Digital badges are virtual representations of achievements or skills earned through various learning experiences. They serve as verifiable proof of accomplishments and can be easily shared with educational and professional networks.

What Can You Do with Digital Badges?

With digital badges, you can:

  • Collect and share records of the skills and knowledge you’ve gained.
  • Update your network about your educational journey and accomplishments.
  • Broadcast learning achievements to schools or potential employers.
  • Share your involvement in STEM activities with your community.

Piloting Phase

Currently, we are collaborating with Cohort #2 to pilot digital badges during the upcoming summer. This phase is dedicated to recognizing out-of-school time experiences and skills for youth. By gathering feedback from participants, we aim to refine the badge system and ensure its effectiveness in accurately representing their accomplishments.

Partnership with Accredible

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Accredible as the host platform for our digital badges. Accredible offers a user-friendly interface and robust features that enable seamless badge management and verification. Accredible’s support ensures that our badges are easily accessible and verifiable for all participants.

Future Plans

As we look ahead, our digital badge initiative is poised for exciting developments. Our long-term vision includes expanding beyond youth recognition to create badges for educators. These badges will serve as a testament to their engagement in ecosystem professional development, showcasing their skills and experiences in STEM education. We anticipate that the badging system will be ready for public use in 2025. As we continue to grow and innovate, we invite you to join us on this journey of recognizing and celebrating achievements in STEM education through digital badges. Together, let’s shape the future of STEM education and empower individuals to showcase their excellence.

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Commitment Statements

We are collecting commitments from cross-sector partners to participate in this important alliance – to learn together, to collaborate, and to align and coordinate efforts behind shared goals.

Commitments include the following priorities:

  1. Awareness and Value: Committing to helping create awareness of digital badges and current badge opportunities.
  2. Understanding: Committing to providing access to data to establish a baseline of availability and impact.
  3. Equity & Access: Committing to help develop new badges providing increased access to STEM opportunities.
  4. High-Quality STEM Programming: Committing to establishing and working towards a common vision of high-quality STEM programming for our ecosystem.

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