Donor Spotlight: Tulsa Community College

Jaime WaltonDonors, Front Page

Past Sonia Kovalevsky Day in front of the TCC logo

For Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance (TRSA), Tulsa Community College (TCC) has been a steadfast supporter, investor, and cornerstone of our journey since our earliest formation in 2013. Their unwavering commitment to our mission has made a monumental impact.

Over the past decade, TCC has not just been a supporter; they’ve been a true partner, playing a pivotal role in advancing our mission. From the very beginning, they recognized the potential of our coalition and were one of the first to join this ever-growing movement.

Past Sonia Kovalevsky Day at TCC

Our partnership with TCC has resulted in numerous program collaborations that have touched the lives of students, educators, and our community. Together, we’ve facilitated multiple initiatives, including Women in STEM events like Sonia Kovalevsky Day, City Lab, AEP Credit Counts program, numerous drone and aviation events like TCC Take Off, many summer camps, and professional development experiences. 

TCC’s commitment goes beyond financial support. We’ve collaborated with dozens of professors from all TCC campuses to provide high-quality instructional materials and professional development for educators. Many TCC students volunteer at our programs, ensuring the next generation of STEM professionals can access excellent STEM experiences.

In the early stages of forming TRSA, TCC’s support went even further. They played a crucial role in funding our founder’s salary, providing the foundation on which we’ve built our success. Without their early investment, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

TCC, you are more than a donor; you are a driving force behind our mission. Thank you for your unwavering support, investment, and belief in the potential of STEM education. Together, we’ve inspired and prepared countless students for a future of endless possibilities in the world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Here’s to a decade of remarkable partnership and many more to come.