Partner Spotlight: TEF

Jaime WaltonFront Page, Partners

For over nine years, the Tulsa Engineering Foundation (TEF) has fueled TRSA in our mission to promote STEM education in northeast Oklahoma. TEF’s invaluable partnership has been pivotal in propelling our organization’s growth and extending the reach of STEM education in our community.

TEF, a non-profit organization, shares TRSA’s mission to serve the engineering profession and guide young individuals toward STEM careers. With nineteen engineering and technical organizations and five universities and colleges in its fold, TEF’s vision harmonizes perfectly with ours. This shared commitment to STEM education has been the bedrock of our partnership.

TEF has been a driving force in championing educational outreach, leaving an indelible mark on students across Northeast Oklahoma. The Tulsa Engineering Challenge (TECh), one of its flagship programs, provides a platform for students to showcase their engineering innovation and skills. They also host an annual E-Week Student Breakfast, where high school juniors and seniors have in-depth discussions with industry professionals to learn more about engineering.

TEF’s financial support has been transformative for TRSA. They have generously funded many of our popular summer camps, enabling us to expand our reach to young learners across the region. These camps have kindled a passion for STEM and provided students with invaluable hands-on experiences. Now, these resources are accessible for schools and communities throughout Oklahoma to explore through our STEM Experience Playbook.

Volunteer recruitment is another area where TEF has made a significant impact on the Alliance. Leveraging its extensive network of engineering societies and professionals, TEF has provided us with dedicated volunteers. These individuals have been instrumental in mentoring students, leading hands-on STEM activities, and serving as inspiring role models, motivating the next generation of STEM leaders.

TEF’s commitment to STEM education extends beyond our partnership. They have steadfastly supported the regional MATHCOUNTS competition (volunteers needed), nurturing mathematical talent among young students. Furthermore, TEF has a Project Grant program poised to create additional opportunities for STEM education in our region. This program promises a lasting impact on students, educators, and the entire STEM community.

Shared values, unwavering commitment, and a deep-seated passion for STEM education have marked our nine-year partnership with TEF. Their dedication to fostering STEM growth in northeast Oklahoma has boosted TRSA’s success and positively influenced countless young lives. As we continue our journey, we are eager to explore even more significant milestones through ongoing collaboration with TEF.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for their partnership and look forward to our shared journey toward a brighter, STEM-powered future for our community.