From the Executive Director’s Desk – February 2024

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We’re educators. Of course we’re planning for the summer in February.


There’s nothing like making it through the first half of the year, the first and second snow and ice closures, then just getting back into the swing of things again and realizing it’s already time to start planning for the summer. But here we are doing what we do. 

Before I get to some ideas about next summer, let me first start with my hope that your spring semester goes beautifully. May it be filled with amazing STEM experiences, enriching STEM competitions, and endless support and encouragement from your family, friends, colleagues, and community. 

In the past two years, Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance has given over $750,000 in grants to educators and partners across our state, and we are excited to announce that the grant season is back! 

This year, we’ll offer three rounds of grants that allow for youth- and educator-focused efforts to receive funding for small projects (under $500), medium projects ($500 to  $1,999), and large projects ($2,000 to $5,000). Read on for more information about this year’s grant opportunities. 

While our grants are designed to meet the needs of our community as we work to ensure all youth have access to excellent STEM experiences in school, out of school, in competition settings, and with mentors, this round of grants is the ideal time to think about what summer opportunities you and your partners can provide for youth in our community and the educators who serve them.

Have an idea for a professional development session? Pitch it! We can help provide the funds for you to lead your own workshop for math, science, elementary, computer science, and/or STEM teachers across our community! Do you want to bring someone in to lead training or take a couple of team members somewhere to gather ideas to bring back to your school or district? Do it! 

Are you interested in hosting a STEM camp, getting students engaged in outdoors STEM education, or mathematics explorations? Want to run a robotics club or programming challenge? Do you have an idea for engaging youth in your community who don’t have access to other STEM experiences? This is your chance! Whatever you are hoping to accomplish this summer, whether for your own growth, the professional development of your team, or the enrichment of youth in our community, we want to help make it possible.

It’s February, so it’s time to start planning! We hope you’ll dream big, and we look forward to reading your ideas!

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