Digital Badge and PEAR: Update & New Cohort Deadline

Emily MortimerFront Page, Partners

Over the course of 2023, we have been developing the foundation for digital badges, working with our first cohort of partners to determine the best methods to award badges and measure their impact within our ecosystem. Partners collected data and student artifacts from summer camps and we will be collectively deciding on the framework for digital badges as we begin to onboard our next cohort. 

Similarly, through our partnership with PEAR, three ecosystem partners participated in an intense Data Narrative Analysis (DNA) project. Over the course of 2023, they have learned how to analyze their student data, how to improve and grow their program based on their data trends, and how to communicate their findings with others. We are excited to share their experiences at the November STEM in Motion convening. 

Interested in joining the Digital Badge Cohort? 

Your role as a cohort partner will be to work with us on the development of the second phase of badges and offer badges to advertise and track student participation. Your commitment will be the following:

  • Attend meetings to discuss badge creation
  • Assist with the creation of the first digital badges based on your current programming
  • Assist in outlining requirements to earn badges
  • Attend any related trainings (estimated no more than two between January – December)

Note: We envision creating badges to support current programs. We are not planning, at this phase, to create badges that will require any partners to develop new programming. We envision planning the first set of badges to support currently ongoing or already planned programs. 

Applications are due November 10, 2023. 

Questions? Contact Dr. Emily Mortimer at