Curriculum IR October Update

Levi PatrickIR Updates

Resource page on updated to provide local contacts for some of the listings.

  • Engineering Adventures curriculum offered through Engineering is Elementary developed by the Museum of Science: Boston is being used in Tulsa. Campfire received six kits as part of a pilot. They are willing to lend these out. Contact Paige Kennedy,, for more information. Paige Bergin, Jarman Elementary Instructional Coach, is using Engineering Adventures in their classes. The material is free on-line. She attended training sessions at OSU and OU. She agreed to be a resource. Paige may be contacted at or 918-357-8942.
  • has started an After School Fall 2015 on-line free camp. It is designed to get more kids making more and to support the adults who want to introduce the joy of making to a million makers. They aspire to become a community-built collection of project tutorials by, for, and with the kids who are making the world of the future. It is free. They have offered Summer Camps on-line since 2012. They added the After-School Fall 2015 projects this year. Fall session runs from October 5 – December 11. Projects are geared towards an average age of 12 and feature STEM components as well as classic arts and crafts techniques. See the Resources page for link.
  • eGFI monthly ‘News for Teachers’ was reviewed. eGFI stands for Engineering, Go For It. The ‘News for Teachers’ has suggested student activities that relate to current affairs. The September 25 news included activities that were a take-off of The Martian movie with lessons for grades different age levels. The Feature was NASA’s Real Martian Sfx. We encourage all educators to sign up on the website. The home page is also a great resource for youth to explore the multitude of engineering fields. Students can register for monthly emails too. We will have copies of the eGFI magazine at the next meeting as well as the eGFI cards, a superb tool to create discussion and exploration among students. See Resource page for link.