Join Us for North and Central STEM Hub Convenings

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Join Us for STEM Hub Convenings

What are STEM Hubs?


The North Tulsa and Central Tulsa STEM Hubs originated from the bold and simple concept of introducing STEM experiences to every community, inspiring and equipping students for our STEM-rich world.

These meetings gather the communities involved to inspire each other and enact change. These sessions take place monthly at our office on the second floor of the Tandy Family YMCA and are accessible to anyone engaged or interested in serving these communities.

Meetings typically focus on:

  • Pooling together resources
  • Discussing best practices
  • Accomplishing things in area schools, such as improved parent involvement, student attendance, and programming


TRSA Offices, located inside the Tandy YMCA
5005 S. Darlington Ave. Tulsa, OK 

Upcoming Meetings:

The convenings begin with an optional lunch at 12:00 PM. The meeting portion starts at 12:30 and lasts until 2:00 PM. 

  • Feb. 21: Central STEM Hub Convening
  • March 13: North STEM Hub Convening
  • May 15: North STEM Hub Convening
  • June 19th: Central STEM Huub Convening

Please fill out the form to register. Lunch is included!


This program was made possible in part by our Out of School Time Program Sponsor:

The People of Oklahoma Oil & Natural Gas