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Mentorship programs are programs designed to have volunteers working with the same set of students for multiple sessions, with the goal of forming meaningful relationships and providing positive influence.  Additionally, STEM mentoring introduces STEM professionals to students with the hope of encouraging students to pursue STEM and help them along their path in STEM.  

Mentorship purpose:

  • Introduce students to professionals who have a love for STEM
  • Ongoing program that allows for relationship building between students and adults
  • STEM subject focused program that allows for teaching and knowledge sharing
  • Encouragement in the student’s STEM and educational pursuits
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TRSA has a number of opportunities that span a wide variety of topics and time frames.  Take a look at our current programs and use the form below to contact us if your interested or if you have any questions.

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Become a Math Mentor

Math Mentors work with students on their foundational math skills.

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Engineers Alliance for the Arts logo

Engineer’s Alliance for the Arts is a mentorship program designed to introduce students to art and architecture through a prototype bridge building competition