VGT Monitor Giveaway


TRSA's Emily Mortimer unloads monitor from the STEM Shoppe

VGT Monitor Giveaway 

VGT is giving away free 52″ used widescreen monitors!

There are three ways to enter. Complete each for a total of five potential entries!

Monitor Details:
  • 52″ used widescreen monitor
  • approximately 100 lbs each
  • exposed tempered glass
  • needs monitor cable and power cable
  • These will need to be mounted with a very strong mounting system.
Pickup Details

Winners must be available to

  • Pick up the monitor from the VGT warehouse in Tulsa, OK on September 6 from 4-7.
  • Lift, carry, and transport monitor (dimensions listed above) or have access to someone who is able to.
Teacher with monitor

Submission form


Complete on Google forms

Up to five entries per person. Accounts tagged on social media must be real people with whom you have a personal relationship. Winners will be chosen through a random drawing. Subscription to TRSA newsletter not required for entry. TRSA is not affiliated with Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Winners must be able to retreive prizes at the time listed on the submission form.