Make Your first 3D Video Game!

Tulsa Community College

Make Your First 3D Video Game! In this Black Rocket classic, you will go well beyond the limitations of the traditional 2D game design classes and create an immersive 3D … Read More

3D Game Labs with Unity

Tulsa Community College

Are you ready to take your game design skills to another level? With Unity, an industry-grade design software, aspiring game designers will learn level editing, 3D modeling, impactful gameplay creation, … Read More

Habitat Hoopla

Tulsa Zoo logo

Sibling Camp From deserts to rainforests to savannahs, the world is one wild place! Come learn about these unique environments and the animals that call them home. Join us as … Read More

Minecraft Create Code Ninjas Camp

Dream up and design your own Minecraft world! Zombies, purple trees, and flying pigs – oh my! (Requires a Minecraft account.)

Camp T-Square

T-Square Architecture Camp

Camp T-Square provides students an immersive experience in architecture to help them gain a new perspective of their city. Sponsored by AAON. In partnership with AIA of Eastern Oklahoma & Tulsa … Read More

Recycled Making Camp

Slicing, shredding, heating, and melting. Learn how to safely use recycled garbage to make new, exciting objects. From fishing lures to furniture, recyclable materials can become anything you have the … Read More

App Attack!

Tulsa Community College

Take the first steps into the world of mobile app design and customize your own game app! Using a specialized app & game development tool, students will explore the world … Read More

Creature Creations

Tulsa Zoo logo

Entering Grades 5, 6 & 7 Animals are the original masters of engineering! How have whales, sea sponges, and even mosquitoes inspired scientists and architects? Learn those answers and more … Read More