Creature Creations

Creature Creations with the Tulsa Zoo

Experience the WILDEST camps in town! With binoculars ready and zoo exploration ahead, join us at the award-winning Tulsa Zoo camp. Animals are the original masters of engineering! How have … Read More

To the Moon and Beyond Summer Camp

To the moon and beyond summer camp

Celebrating 50 years of space travel, students will use the engineering design process as they learn about humans’ endeavors to return to the Moon and visit Mars. Days will be … Read More

STEM Without Borders

STEM Without Borders

Students will explore the community through a STEM lens and learn about Tulsa’s influence on the world. Sponsored by AAON. In partnership with Tulsa Technology Center & Tulsa Community College

TechyKids Summer Camp

Techy Kids Summer Camp

Kids Learn Robotics, Coding, Design, 3-D Modeling! Kids create their own technology inspired projects.  Projects and tools that the kids will use are catered to their skill and age level. … Read More

Washed Ashore

Tulsa Zoo logo

Entering Grades 1 & 2 Come and get an up close look at the Tulsa Zoo’s new and exciting exhibit, Washed Ashore! Discover how the artists help the animals with … Read More

Sensory Safari

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Age 3 through entering Kindergarten Can you see like a hawk? Can you smell like an elephant? Animals have amazing abilities to hear, see, smell, touch, and taste. Come and … Read More

Habitat Hoopla

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Sibling Camp From deserts to rainforests to savannahs, the world is one wild place! Come learn about these unique environments and the animals that call them home. Join us as … Read More

Beauties and the Beasts

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Entering Grades 3 & 4 The animal world is full of pretty and not so pretty animals. Why does an Arctic fox have beautiful white fur, while the naked mole … Read More

Wingin’ It

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Entering Grades 3 & 4 Fly, flutter, soar, dive, and flit! Uncover all the things with wings during this camp! Learn just what gives them the ability to fly and … Read More


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Entering Grades 1 & 2 Journey back in time to when dinosaurs roamed earth. We will unearth the secrets of these magnificent prehistoric creatures. Grab your chisels and brushes for … Read More