STEM^Arts August 2015 Update

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Strong Group Focusing on Communicating STEM^Arts Opportunities, Events, and Passion

  • Several team members participating in the Oklahoma Arts Conference, October 21-22. They’ll be participating on a panel focusing specifically STEM^Arts and the many opportunities our community has to inspire students by linking the engineering and design processes in hands-on STEM. It will be moderated by TRSA Program Director, Xan Black.
  • Discussed more details on STEM Carts and how the STEM^Arts team could adopt, design, and create a specific STEM^Arts Cart. At the next meeting there will be a brainstorming session on this. The next meeting will be Tuesday, September 15.
  • Members understanding how they can potentially participate in the STEM Exploration and 7 Days of AweSTEM at the Tulsa State Fair.