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A Self-Organized Learning Experience.

Jaime Christensen
Would you love to win a drone for your classroom?
Join classrooms far and wide in a Self Organized Learning Experience (SOLE) to foster creative and critical thinking in students. Take a single hour to explore drones and their various uses. After, share what students discover.
Using #STEMSOLE, you can join a discussion with students and educators across the country who are exploring the same topic. Using the hashtag will enter you into a contest to win a classroom drone!*

Friday, November 2


In the SOLE method, teachers guide students as they discover lessons and concepts for themselves. In doing so, they prepare students to conduct their own research and encourage students to take ownership of their learning. If you have any questions, we are eager to help. Below, see an example of a SOLE Schedule, and click the link on the bottom of the page to learn more about how to conduct a SOLE.

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Share your SOLE! Post a photo of your class’s STEM SOLE using #STEMsole on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for a chance to win our contest. Prizes include a drone for your classroom!*

Each account that posts using #STEMsole will receive one entry. Multiple posts from the same account will not result in multiple entries. While we are excited to see classrooms far and wide participating in this event, entries are limited to educators in the United States.

Class format:


5 min- Introduce research questions
25 min- Independent or group research
20 min- Share back findings using #STEMsole
For a 50 min class period

Research Questions:

  1. How are drones used in the military, meteorology, CSI, agriculture, distribution, construction, scientific research, first response and energy?
  2. What are the potential future uses of drones?
  3. How could a drone be changed/modified/adapted to other uses or to improve/increase its effectiveness?
How to run a SOLE Session Additional Research Resources

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*Prizes limited to any educator in NE Oklahoma.