STEM Mentorship IR

Ken Davis

Under the direction of the Program Director, the TRSA STEM Mentoring Innovation Room (SMIR) exists to establish and grow a collaborative, sustainable, effective and efficient STEM Mentoring ecosystem between educators, industry, and community organizations.

Key Functions

  • Conducts Project Management activities for the entire scope of TRSA’s STEM Mentoring program
    • Establishes and communicates goals, objectives, and time-lines that further the development of the STEM Mentoring ecosystem
    • Establishes and manages the personnel structure for the program
      • Facilitates the creation of STEM Mentoring Innovation Rooms (SMIR’s) that support the Mentoring program
      • Identifies and secures key personnel positions within the IR’s to promote accountability within the SMIR’s
  • Develops and implements short and long range strategies to develop Mentoring opportunities that meet TRSA’s STEM Mentoring objectives
    • Engages key stakeholders to identify existing STEM Mentoring activities and to cultivate new STEM Mentoring opportunities
    • Identifies and prioritizes target schools and industry / community organizations
    • Facilitates meetings between educators and industry / community organizations to identify specific STEM mentoring opportunities in alignment with TRSA’s in-school and extra curricular strategies
  • Reports out on program activities goal attainment, and metrics to the Advisory Council and as appropriate, the larger stakeholder community

Recent Updates: