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Tulsa Girls’ Math Circle

A math circle is a group of people who work together to explore new mathematics. Sessions are informal, fun, and consist of students and leaders working together on a series of problems. Our math circle will be focused on the interests of girls in grades 6 and up. We are part of the National Association of Math Circles,

The Tulsa Girls’ Math Circle is open to girls from the Tulsa area in grades 6 and up. Meetings will be held on the campus of the University of Tulsa on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Faculty from the University of Tulsa, local mathematicians, and TU mathematics students will participate.

If you are a girl in 6th grade or higher who:

  • Loves to solve problems
  • Is curious about mathematics and new ideas
  • Would like to meet others who share your enthusiasm for mathematics

Then the Tulsa Girls’ Math Circle might be for you!

Two separate groups meet concurrently:

GOLD Group for middle school students who have not completed Algebra 1. Emphasis on mathematical discovery, problem solving approaches, mathematical discussions.

BLUE Group for students who have completed Algebra 1. Emphasis on problem solving skills, preparing well-written solutions, proof techniques and advanced topics.

Join us for an Open House to learn more about the Tulsa Girls’ Math Circle.

Keplinger Hall, Room 3160
The University of Tulsa
Tuesday, September 26, 2017
6:00 to 7:00 pm


Who should come to the Tulsa Girls’ Math Circle?

Any intellectually curious and highly capable girl who is in grade 6 or above from any school in the Tulsa area. Students should have an interest in mathematics and willingness to learn new ideas. The sessions are informal and interactive and include problems to help develop the ideas needed to attack new topics.

What are some things that we will do at our math circle?

  • Work with fellow students in solving lots of problems.
  • Look for interesting patterns, make conjectures (guesses), and try to determine when they are true.
  • Learn how to make sense of an unfamiliar problem.

What are some things we will not do at our math circle?

  •  Lecture.
  • Work on homework, study for school classes, or receive tutoring.
  • We will not make assignments that must be done outside of our meetings. We will give optional reading or problem sets for interested students.

Who will conduct the math circle sessions?

Presenters will be drawn from University of Tulsa faculty and area mathematicians interested in problem solving. Graduate and undergraduate students from the University of Tulsa will also be presenters and mentors.

How will coming to a math circle benefit a student?

The rewards from attending the math circle include: the thrill of solving difficult problems, friendships with students and professional mathematicians from across the area who share an enthusiasm for mathematics, development of problem solving skills which will carry over to learning new material for a lifetime.

What is the cost of attending the Tulsa Girls’ Math Circle?

It is free to all students. The Tulsa Girls’ Math Circle is an outreach program of the Department of Mathematics and the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences at the University of Tulsa.

How do I get started?

An application form is available on our website: You can join the math circle by submitting an application for the fall, winter or spring sessions. For any information, contact Dr. Donna Farrior, or Dr. William Coberly,, 918-631-3674.