Mentor with the Tulsa Regional STEM AllianceOur mentors get to play games, dream big, and have fun!

No matter what area of STEM you’re most interested in, we have a mentorship opportunity for you! Explore the list below, or check out our map to see opportunities that are close to you!

Me & My Math Mentor

Me and My Math Mentor

Volunteers spend 30 minutes once a week working with students on their basic math facts using fun and engaging math games.
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Computer Science mentoring logo

Computer Science Mentors

Computer Science Mentors work with students to understand the importance and career opportunities in coding.
Once monthly commitment starting in September, with days normally falling on a Friday.
One hour, once a month spread throughout the city and dependent on a teacher’s schedule.
Project Lead the Way logo

Project Lead the Way

Volunteers work with high school students on project management.
Starting in January, volunteers will spend one hour, once a week providing guidance to students on project management.
Environmentors logo. It's shaped like a tree, so it's pretty punny. Created by some genius.


Volunteers work with elementary students to understand the environment around them.
In the spring semester, volunteers will lead a one-hour session with a group of 6th graders on the sustainability/environment topic of their choice.
Engineers Alliance for the Arts logo

Engineers’ Alliance for the Arts

Structural engineers, architects, and construction professionals work with high school students on the art and engineering behind bridges. Over a 10 week period, students build prototype bridges, give a presentation, and write a paper in response to a program RFP given at the beginning of the project. Volunteers help students to understand the design, engineering, and construction behind their bridges and they get ready for the culminating presentation in April.

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