Limestone Technology Academy wins FUSE Grant


Limestone Technology Academy wins FUSE Grant


Siemens has awarded eight STEM Education grants to schools across the country in the form of a two year participation in a program with FUSE – the Northwestern University and their Office of STEM Education Partnership (OSEP) team program. Each grant is valued at approximately $26,000. Limestone Technology Academy, part of Sand Springs School District, was one of the recipients of the FUSE Grant and will be implementing it in during their 2017-2018 school year. District administrators are excited about this opportunity and know it will allow them to have greater access to STEM curriculum for all students.

FUSE is a new kind of interest-driven learning experience developed by researchers and educators in the School of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University. This program engages pre-teens and teens in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Design, and Mathematics (STEAM) topics while fostering the development of important 21st century skills.

The grant includes the following support and materials:

  • Site license for the FUSE Innovate package (24 challenges)
  •  Package can be used as during/after school programs
  • All challenge materials (including an Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer)
  • Website access for students and facilitators with the ability for students to engage with others from around the world
  • Travel and lodging for a two-day FUSE training and Siemens workshop held in Chicago in late July
  • Full training and year-round implementation support from the FUSE team
  • Renewal fee for year 2
  • $600 towards materials and new challenges to re-supply the schools’ studio over the two years

About Sand Springs School District

Sand Springs School District enrolls approximately 5,250 students in a total of 12 schools. With a tremendous community support the district was able to secure PLTW (Project Lead The Way) for a STEM curriculum at all elementary sites. The district recently developed the 2017-2022 Strategic Plan that will serve as a blueprint of transformation and progress for the district. This plan sets high expectations for each student, school staff member, parent, and community member to empower the school district by investing their support towards the initiatives outlined.


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Through these combined efforts, the district will ensure that every student, regardless of ethnicity, language, disability, or income level will achieve high standards of learning. The end goal, to empower every child to maximize their potential to be responsible and productive citizens in the 21 st century.

About Siemens

Our mission:

Siemens to be recognized as the #1 choice for school districts for sustainability, energy efficiency, digitization, and STEM learning partnerships.

Our Value:

The challenges of the 21st century classroom demand transformational STEM learning and technological ingenuity within the built environment, while ensuring the safety of the K-12 community. As a partner in learning, Siemens is dedicated to creating high-performance, sustainable learning environments that advance electronic intelligence, energy efficiency and security.

Our “why”:

STEM aptitudinal proficiency is developed and nurtured in K-12. The future of advancements in technology, scientific and engineering innovation can be found in the classrooms of our educators. As one of the largest employers of STEM professionals on the planet, it is imperative for Siemens to be a partner in learning to support our school districts as they further our society and economy to greatness

To learn more, please contact:

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