Create your own kite!

Where there's wind there's STEM fun! Create your own kite from home with these instructions and tutorials!

Did you receive a kit? Use these tools to make your kite!

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Create a kite from scratch!

Kites in the sky has an excellent guide for making a kite at home.

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Where can you fly a kite?
Kite flying is great for social distancing as it’s a fun activity to do alone. Avoid power lines, trees, and other kites to have the most successful time kite flying. Wide open fields, parks, or backyards are ideal for flying kites.

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More ways to make a kite
Our friends at Kites in the Sky created a tutorial for making a kite from items that you may have around your house!
What can your kite teach you?
Tips on how to fly a kite

Starting to fly a kite:

Unroll about 5-6' of string. Put the kite over your shoulder and let it hang behind your back. Run in the direction that will have the wind blowing in your face.

As you feel your kite begin to take flight, turn and face your kite while slowly walking backwards. As the wind tugs the kite to go higher, unreel more kite string.

If the wind dies down and the kite begins to fall, pull back and up sharply on the kite string until the kite begins to go up again. Flying a kite is a little bit of a tug of war between you and the wind that results in your kite flying. Ideally you would want to always have tension in your kite string.

When you are ready to stop flying your kite, slowly reel the kite in and wind the string on the winder. Work to keep tension on your kite string until the kite is all the way in.

More to explore
Try changing the length or the number of tails to see how it changes the way your kite flies.
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