The Dynamic Mesh Network of TRSA

TRSA members work together in focused groups called Innovation Rooms (committees). Active engagement and collaboration of partners form a partial “mesh network” which is an aggregation of work programs that intentionally spread the individual opportunities in a mesh formation among the organizational framework to eliminate silos or other rigid structures that discourage collaboration. The opportunities or programs of interest will be generated organically by the Advisory Council or any TRSA member organization.

Recent Innovation Room Updates:

Standing Innovation Rooms:

Dynamic Innovation Rooms:

  • 8th Grade Math Proficiency
    Leader: Janell Chery
    Leader: Xan Black
  • Citywide Kite Festival
    Leader: Denise Maguire
  • Family STEM Nights
    Leader: Xan Black
  • Global STEM
    Leader: Doug Price
  • InterNation STEM
    Leaders: Dode Barnett
  • Legislation
    Leader: Mara Novy
  • Macro / Micro STEM
    Leaders: Matt Hancock
  • OERB STEM Mentorship
    Leader: Taylor Hill-Taylor
  • Project Lead The Way (PLTW)
    Leader: Kathy Dodd
  • Robotics
    Leader: Lane Matheson
  • Science Fairs
    Leader: Joseph Grzywacz
  • Sonia Kovalevsky Day
    Leader: Sabrina Ripp
  • STEM Coordinators
    Leader: Taylor Hill-Taylor
  • STEM PARKing Day
    Leader: Cherlyn Reeves
  • STEM^Arts
    Leader: Erv Janssen
  • Tech Trek Tulsa
    Leader: Bill Coberly
  • Tulsa Resource Area for STEM Educators (TRASE)
    Leader: Emily Mortimer
  • Tulsa State Fair
    Leader: Xan Black
Create a New Innovation Room:
We love for TRSA members to come up with new ideas, projects, and events to work on. If you have an idea that you’d like to form a committee around, please fill out the form below.

Expectations for creating a new Innovation Room include the following:
Approval from TRSA
Committee must contain at least one TRSA Staff Member
More than 1 school district must be served

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