Example Hands-on Activities:

There are a variety of activities to do with the 6th – 8th grade students. Below are just some example. Feel free to do whatever you’d like with the students, just let us know!

  • Tallest Tower Challenge: In a set amount of time see who can build the tallest tower with an array of building materials.
  • Aluminum Foil Boats: Give students a square of aluminium foil to build a boat and float it in a tub of water holding the most items (marbles, pebbles or pennies).
  • Bernoulli Paper Pinwheels: Work with students to make paper pinwheels while explaining Bernoulli’s principle.
  • Chemical Engineering: Demonstrate a Van de Graaff ball.
  • Mechanical Engineering: Build spoon catapults.
  • Paper Airplane Contest: Provide paper for construction of paper airplanes and have students compete in duration and / or distance contests.
  • Balloon Cars: Make a balloon powered car with a paper cup, straw, spools, and balloon.
  • Build a Beak: Students design and build a bird-like beak with spoons, paper clips, pipe cleaners, and masking tape. Have them compete to see who can pick up the most “food” with their beaks.
  • Blubber Gloves: Create insulated gloves with plastic bags and different materials. Insert one plastic bag into another filled with feathers, lard, water, etc. and have students wear the “gloves” and insert their hands inside a bucket of water to test insulation.
  • Black Box: Change the internal structure of boxes with glued pieces of cardboard and other materials, and have the students make observations by shaking and rolling the mystery boxes. Have them make educated guesses on the contents and facilitate a discussion among the students.

If you’re not sure how to showcase your company with an interactive activity, please contact us, and we can help you brainstorm.

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