The Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance is excited to invite you to participate in our Scale Model Gingerbread Building Competition! Presented by AIA Eastern Oklahoma, Tulsa City County Library, and the HBA Charitable Foundation. In celebration of the wonderful gift of the Tulsa Gathering Place, we invite participants of all ages to build their own gingerbread replica of a feature or element of the park, as an individual, class, or group.
Saturday, December 8
9 am -1 pm
Hardesty Regional Library

Frossard Auditorium
8316 E. 93rd St.
Tulsa, OK 74133


Jaime Christensen

Registration Closed
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Basic Information:

  • Start Early! Perfection really does take time. This wonderful, dynamic, artistic, and architectural process will take longer than you are thinking it will.
  • Up to 30 Scale Model Gingerbread Entries will be accepted.
  • This competition is for all ages, from elementary to professional.
  • The gingerbread buildings will be grouped according to division. Divisions include: Elementary, Middle School, High School, College, Amateur and Professional
  • Cash prizes in all categories will be awarded this year!


The top three structures in each category will receive:
1st Place:$100
2nd Place:$50
3rd Place:$25


  • Drop-off entries on Friday, December 7th from 4-5:30 PM.
  • No fixing or clean-up on entries will be allowed after 5:30 PM.
  • Saturday at 1 PM, competitors can pick-up their building from Frossard.
  •  All buildings not picked up will be on display on tall shelves in the Children’s Department at Hardesty from December 8th through December 29th. They may be picked up from Hardesty during this time.
  • After the 29th, any buildings not picked up will be thrown away.

Rules & Guidelines:

All entries must comply with the following rules.

Entries not meeting the specifications of the competition will be excluded from the contest. The Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance reserves the right to reject any entry that does meet a minimum modicum of quality workmanship befitting the contest.

Entry Limit:

One entry per class, group or individual.


The base of the Gingerbread Building must be 1/4″ plywood no larger than 24″ x 24″ (or 2 feet by 2 feet). The exhibit must be no more than 24″ tall.


Please provide a sign with your Gingerbread Building with the following information:

  1. Title of architectural element at the Gathering Place being replicated
  2. Name of Organization / School
  3. Individual / Group / Class Name
  4. Leader / Teacher Name
  5. Photograph of the feature being replicated

The basic structure of all entries is considered non-edible and may be constructed of any material (e.g. glue, milk cartons, boxes, etc.). However, the exterior of the model must be made of materials normally suitable for human consumption. Please do not use materials that will quickly decay or are extremely fragile (e.g. whipped cream, fresh vegetables, meringue) as the exhibit will run for approximately two weeks. If real icing is used please use the Royal Icing (recipe below) to ensure icing will harden and hold together. Glue works better to hold parts together, so we suggest only using the Royal Icing decoratively.

Royal Icing:
  • 3 large eggs – separated
  • 1/2 tsp. cream of tartar
  • 1 (16oz.) package of powdered sugar

Step 1: Combine cream of tartar and room temperature egg whites in a large bowl. Beat at medium speed until the whites are frothy. Gradually add sugar, beating on low until the sugar is moistened.

Step 2: Beat on high speed until mix is very glossy and stiff peaks form (5-7 minutes). If necessary, add more powdered sugar. Icing dries out quickly; keep it covered. It keeps 3 days in an airtight container at room temperature. Never double the recipe; make 2 batches instead. Can be colored with food coloring or piped.

Suggested Structures to Model:
  • Land of the River Giants
  • Spiral Connector
  • Skywalk Forest
  • Fairyland Forest
  • Volcanoville
  • Ramble Sensory Garden
  • Charlie’s Water Mountain
  • Williams Lodge
  • ONEOK Boathouse
  • Mist Mountain
  • SemGroup Sports Courts
  • Skate Park
  • Slide Vale
  • Swing Hill
  • Peggy’s Pond & the Wetland Gardens
  • Sky Garden
  • King Post Bridge
  • Other Favorite Feature of the Gathering Place