We are excited to announce Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance’s new vision to engage the STEM ecosystem to promote a more interconnected, mutually reinforcing, and responsive community who value, promote, and strengthen STEM education for youth. In an effort to recognize and honor the diverse perspectives and talents of Alliance partners, we have reimagined a more comprehensive plan for ecosystem engagement, involving three key strategies, that we hope will benefit TRSA and the Alliance as a whole: 1) STEM in Motion, 2) Advisory Councils, and 3) STEM Storytelling Series.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Emily Mortimer (emily.mortimer@tulsastem.org) with any questions.

STEM in Motion 

Historically, the TRSA Advisory Council was designed as a learning opportunity for partners across the Tulsa region. Each quarter, partners shared highlights and needs of our Alliance members, and learned of the work TRSA was doing to engage, equip, and empower students and educators. These efforts will continue through the implementation of STEM in Motion.

We want to keep our partners and the community excited about things that are happening in the STEM world. STEM in Motion will allow participants to network and build relationships with diverse STEM professionals while learning about innovative and exciting things occurring in the Tulsa region and beyond.

STEM in Motion will occur once every quarter. Members will leave feeling excited, inspired, and informed. 

Click here to join STEM in Motion. 


Advisory Councils

“If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb

Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance is always working to ensure STEM is accessible to all, but this work is not possible without the support and input from our partners. Our ecosystem is full of diverse, creative, and informed individuals, and their input is vital to the success of our work. As a convener, TRSA will utilize the Advisory Council to build relationships and a sense of community so we can learn and better understand the needs of our community. 

TRSA’s Advisory Council will consist of six groups whose members provide diverse perspectives to create growth and positive change. Each group includes up to twelve members, and terms are limited to one year for chairpersons. In addition, there is a seventh group that consists of the chairpersons from the other six groups.

At the beginning of each Advisory Council meeting, members will listen to excerpts from the STEM Storytelling Series for that quarter. Members will be asked to provide their recommendations, leadership, constructive feedback, and solutions based on what they heard from STEM Storytelling Series sessions to ensure TRSA is proactive and responsive to the community’s needs. The goal of each meeting will be to dissect elements of a story, and explore specific themes so we can identify best practices together. This participatory structure will create a collaborative environment to ensure TRSA and all members of the Alliance are serving students, educators, and families in the most effective and appropriate capacity. Advisory Council members will leave feeling and knowing they are working to make a better future for STEM students and professionals. 

The six Advisory Councils are divided into specific groupings so individuals can collaborate and make the most impact as they work alongside those who have similar STEM experiences. Each group is identified below.

Future and Current Workforce

– This group includes college students and industry professionals.

– Members meet once every quarter.

Formal and Informal Educators

– This group includes formal and informal educators in public school systems, higher education, or informal learning centers such as museums, zoos, etc.

– Members meet four times a year from September through May. 


– This group includes students ages 13 through 19.

– Members meet four times a year from September through May.

Research and Data

– This group includes people engaging in research or data focused on STEM education or areas of STEM either at higher education institutions or related businesses/organizations.

– Members meet once every quarter.

Family and Community

– This group includes retired individuals, volunteers, community advocates, parents of STEM students, to name a few. 

– Members meet once every quarter.

STEM Supporters

– This group includes those who fund STEM and STEM efforts.

– Members meet once every quarter.

Strategic Advisory Council

– This group includes the chairperson from all six groups.

– Members meet three times per year.


Please note that participation in the Advisory Council is limited, and preference will be given to individuals who are officially representing their organization with a letter of support.

Click here to express interest in participating in the Advisory Council. 


STEM Storytelling Series

Listening is such a crucial part of our work, so we feel it is important to formalize this process by implementing the STEM Storytelling Series so we can hear and learn from historically-excluded voices who have first-hand experiences where they felt that STEM isn’t for all. Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance believes that all are welcome in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It is our hope that we can make a difference to show others that they belong in this space. It is not only our responsibility, but it is also our absolute duty to learn how we can make a world where STEM is accessible and welcoming to everyone.

The STEM Storytelling Series sessions will occur once every quarter. TRSA will soon provide additional details about the STEM Storytelling Series.