Curriculum IR

Barbara Wollmershauser

Under the direction of the Program Director, the TRSA Curriculum Innovation Room exists to ensure that identified STEM mentoring opportunities are resourced with the appropriate curriculum in a reliable, sustainable, effective and efficient manner.

Key Functions

  • Identify and secure (adopt/adapt existing curriculum over developing new) “Best in Class” STEM Mentoring curriculum in alignment with TRSA’s STEM Mentoring “High Impact” program based” Mentoring strategy.  Initial STEM focus areas include (but may not be limited to):
    • Structural/Architecture/Manufacturing
    • Energy
    • Aerospace/Aviation
    • Biomedical/Health
    • Computer Science/IT
  • Act as a resource center for the STEM Mentoring program by maintaining an inventory of best practice STEM Mentoring curricula for TRSA’s continuum of mentoring activities (e.g. Tutoring, PLTW mentoring, High Impact Mentoring)
    • Create and manage a matrix which summarizes various curricula and indicates key conditions for successful implementation (e.g. grade appropriateness, in-school vs. extra-curricular, number of mentors required, etc.).
    • Communicate said curricula to stakeholders to match curricula with mentoring opportunities

Recent Updates: