Governance IR March 2016 Update

IR Updates, STEM News

Questions: Working on TRSA Goals through Executive Council Strategic guidance and decisions (approx. 15) Needs: Community grant requirements and guidance Accomplishments: Establishment of the Executive Council

James Townsend


James Townsend STARBASE 2.0, STARBASE Oklahoma, Tahlequah James Townsend, a robotics expert and mathematics education senior at Northeastern State University, has been named the outstanding mentor for the Department of … Read More

Master Sergeant Michael Sauter


Master Sergeant Michael Sauter STARBASE 2.0, STARBASE Oklahoma, Tulsa Master Sergeant Michael Sauter has been selected as the outstanding mentor for the Department of Defense STARBASE 2.0 after-school club at … Read More

Tulsa Girls’ Math Circle


The Tulsa Girls Math Circle is a group of people who work together to explore new mathematics. Sessions are informal, fun, and consist of students and leaders working together on a … Read More